Pregnancy Mini Book – Week 16, Week 17

I’m surprised it’s taken me as long as it has to start liking mini books, because really, they’re perfect. I love this 6×6 size I’ve been working with – great with the 3×4 photos, some journalling and couple of embellishments.

This is weeks 16 & 17 of the pregnancy which were taken when we were in Japan.


I actually love the Amy Tangerine Roller Date Stamp. It’s an older one now, but seriously one of my favourites. I’ve used it to mark the date on each page.


More hidden journalling in this one. I wasn’t specific about when the journalling was hidden and when it was visible. Probably sometimes things should have been hidden where visible and vice-versa, but I don’t really mind either way.

Writing the journalling for this mini book was easy because I wrote a blog post every week with details of that week’s events. You can view all those entries here, or just view week 16 here and week 17 here.

pregnancyminibook19 pregnancyminibook20

Pregnancy Mini Book – Week 14, Week 15


With my first pregnancy I didn’t take any belly photos until I felt like I was actually “showing” properly. This time around I didn’t worry. I took them even if they just showed the normal me for the first few weeks! I did this for two reasons – firstly to keep the consistency of the whole pregnancy from trimester 2 (which is pretty standard for bump photos), and secondly because even if it wasn’t showing my tummy growing exactly, I still had thoughts, feelings, and milestones to document for those weeks, and there is no harm in having a photo of me for those weeks as I’m the one going through it!

Here are some details of the week 14 page:

pregnancyminibook13 pregnancyminibook14 pregnancyminibook15

Above: As you can see I included the journalling in this little envelope, and just used some kraft card stock to make the letter inside. Simple!

The other papers I used was the Studio Calico Atlantic Vellum “Jamestown“, and “Nantucket“.

Below: Week 15.


This is ME – Talia


So if you’ve had this blog in your reader for a few years I want to apologise for all of a sudden bombarding you with tons of posts all at once over the last few weeks! I thought I’d take the time to do a little “about me” type post, which I will probably use in my project life this week also. :)

Loves: My husband and two sons. Yahweh (God of the Bible).

Proudest moment: Giving birth to Eli (my youngest son). I felt so empowered and proud that I had just given birth completely unaided (other than the support of Yahweh, Luke & my midwife Josie!).

Favourite place: Hard to say, but I think Jerusalem? It’s one of the only places that I really LONG to be.

Favourite memory: Oh wow, too many to choose. But just to choose one of my top hundred I would choose our adventure to and at Neuschwanstein Castle in Fussen, Germany. We saw a picture of this castle on a postcard while we were in Nuremberg and decided on a whim to drive there the next morning. It added a good 6 hours driving to our schedule, but man was it worth it!

Current project: Project Life for 2014, Eli’s project life, and I’ve just started a huge project – our Round The World holiday from last year where the above story happened!

I think that’ll do for now! I will have some more pregnancy scrapbook posts up soon!

Film Friday :: Joel & Candy’s Vow Renewal


Last weekend we had the privilege of attending the vow renewal of some friends. It was their 25th Wedding Anniversary – what a special time to renew vows!

I didn’t plan on taking any video at this event, but as I saw the flowers girls (Joel & Candy’s grand-daughters) walk down the isle, I couldn’t help myself! Anyway, certainly if I was doing this purposefully for someone I would have done it a bit differently, but for an on the spot filming I think I did pretty well. :)

Perhaps if I did a wedding video for someone again I would be sure to get some more close up video during the ceremony, or shots of the bridge and groom together afterwards – close ups of details like dress, flowers, veil, head shots etc. And I would look at some different angles. Most of this was filmed from my seat.

When I sent it to Candy she was so blessed to receive it. Apparently they had planned for it to be filmed but as is the way with weddings, they got caught up with things, and no one remembered on the day. So she was extra thankful that I had taken this video. I will send her the unedited footage as well as there was extra stuff I didn’t include but had filmed, and parts that have sound also.

I forgot to include music credits at the end of the film. So here they are:

Music – “I’m Yours” by Angus & Julia Stone